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about the images within the cards above:
some of these editions include numerous copyrighted characters/images/etc.
at this time / are not affiliated with the copyright holders of the characters/images/etc present in those editions, and those editions are not a commerciable product.
we may reproduce such copyrighted materials only for personal use and/or for presentation of the project.
unfortunately, because those editions are not being produced commercially at this time, printing/cutting on your own, should you wish to do so, would result in substantially more cost/labor than if you could purchase a commerciable product of it. / are meant to strike a reasonable balance of: presenting the projects, personal use, respecting copyright, and enabling you, at your own cost/labor, to print your chosen materials to play the marago game and/or interact with the cards, solely for your own personal use.
(*) it can be argued that those editions are "transformative work" much like other existing cases, and thus not subject to copyright restrictions for commercial use. however, my philosophy and preference is for harmony with the numerous copyright holders of the characters etc featured in those editions, and to limit those editions to presentation of the project and personal use, for myself and for anyone who wants to interact and/or play with it.
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