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in the story/stories i been drafting for years, batman is central. well, pivotal. what's even more pivotal is the team of superheroes that come to batman from the future to save the world. they're women (some transgender too). and the primary ones are pro sex workers. (when they're not fighting supervillains to save the world.)
yes in the world of the future, escorts and eros workers are as upheld by society as the best doctors are upheld by our current society.
no, the stories im drafting are not ABOUT the fact that i've forever believed that sex work is the most inspiring and admirable profession, just like no, the stories im drafting are not ABOUT the fact that i profoundly believe that if humans are going to be a healthy society, every human being must have enough to eat and reasonable access to the internet, even though that subject is important to me. "no one" wants to see a movie about social justice. "everyone" wants to see a movie about batman vs the super bad guys.
that's why in the stories i AM drafting, the star wars jedis, spider-man, harry potter --whatever-- are battling the threats of aliens, supervillains, or dark wizardry that want to destroy others or the world in general. the good vs bad guys ACTION.
IN THE BACKGROUND, however, it so fuckn happens that the world the jedis and batman and the "good guys" fight to save HAPPENS to be a world in whch everyone has enough to eat, sex/eros workers are appreciated by society, etc. plus, i love batman and action type shit.


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by Hallie Lieberman, Ph.D
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